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01 Dec / 2020

Trucking Accidents on Highways During the Holiday Season

Truck Accidents

The holidays bring even more drivers and vehicles on highways. Traffic this year has increased due to more holiday events being mobile-related in 2020 (i.e., drive-thru light shows), a higher volume of supplies and gifts being sent for the holidays, and more people choosing to drive to see family. Unfortunately, along with more traffic comes the opportunity for more accidents to occur, particularly since more trucks are on the road. If you or a loved one have been in a trucking accident, contact an Atlanta truck accident attorney to discuss your potential claim. 

Dangers of Holiday Traffic

Roads and highways are busier and more dangerous during the holidays due to increased traffic. In addition to travelers, there are increased freight and shipping volumes as people send gifts to loved ones, and businesses ship goods to stores and consumers. As more trucks hit the road, the risk of being involved in a truck accident increases. Congested roads, distractions while driving, fatigue, and weather can all play a part in increasing the dangers of holiday traffic, and putting trucks in the mix when it comes to collisions adds to the risk of serious injury.

The Dangerous Nature of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are more dangerous due to the vehicle’s size, freight that may be carried within, and the force of impact. Truck accidents also come with additional considerations. For example, who should be held responsible — the truck driver, the company shipping freight, or another business entity? An Atlanta truck accident attorney can help sort out all the nuances of your truck accident claim.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident during the holidays, contacting an Atlanta truck accident attorney can help you work through those special considerations. Of course, with any vehicle accident, working with a skilled personal injury lawyer will help preserve your claim as he or she will fight for your rights.

Why You Need An Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents have more nuances of fact and law compared to other types of accidents. To preserve and fight for your rights under the law, having an attorney who is experienced specifically with truck accident cases will help your claim. At Gilormo Injury Law, we evaluate each trucking accident claim’s nuances as we assess property damage and injuries. When multiple parties get involved and proceed to fight over issues such as responsibility and negligence, having an Atlanta truck accident attorney by your side to sort out your claim and deal with each party on your behalf will provide additional peace of mind and security while you recover.

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