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06 Jan / 2021

A Few Things Your Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Wants You To Know


Life is full of unexpected moments. Unfortunately, one of those could be an accident that results in injuries to you or a loved one. As you work on your recovery, you are encouraged to discuss your potential case with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Reach out to Gilormo Injury Law to discuss your injury claim today. Here are a few things your attorney wants you to know as you proceed through the process.

Personal Injuries Can (and Do) Happen Anywhere

Personal injuries can happen anywhere, at any time, and they can result from a variety of incidents. Typical instances of personal injury we handle at Gilormo Injury Law include:

We offer a free consultation to potential clients to discuss your case. We do not collect a fee until we win for you!

Our Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help You Sort Out Your Personal Injury Case

When you have experienced an injury, you may feel overwhelmed and confused as you try to sort out information from your accident while trying to recover. Keeping medical records, insurance requirements and correspondence, and court documents organized can be mind-boggling. However, our Atlanta personal injury lawyer will help you keep your injury-related information organized so you can effectively craft your case for financial recovery. 

Our Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Works With Insurance Companies So You Don’t Have To

Often in a personal injury matter, there will be multiple parties involved, including insurance companies. Each insurance company and policy has different requirements and definitions to determine what is covered and what costs can be denied. Also, there are policy limits that put a cap on how much money the insurance company would have to pay for an incident. Our team comes with a wealth of experience negotiating settlements with insurance companies for our clients and we rigorously represent clients at trial. Gilormo Injury Law has a reputation for caring for clients compassionately while achieving favorable results for them. 

Your Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Is Ready to Take Your Case To Court

Sometimes it is possible to resolve the issue of damages and compensation due to an accident or personal injury before a lawsuit needs to be filed. If a favorable resolution can be achieved for our client without having court hearings or a trial, that is great news for our client, and we are happy they receive the compensation they deserve without a lengthy court proceeding. 

However, rest assured that an Atlanta personal injury lawyer at Gilormo Injury Law is ready and willing to take a case to court when necessary. The court process can be daunting for clients, so we strive to explain each step for their peace of mind. Though waiting on the court can be frustrating, We will be there to guide you through the court proceedings with care and understanding.

Contact an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, you should contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to discuss your case. The compassionate team at Gilormo Injury Law is ready to help you today. Call us at 770-343-7101 or complete our online form today.

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