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Lyft Accidents

Lyft Accidents

Amber is heaven sent!! Amber and her team worked very hard on my case!! They checked on me while I had my weekly doctor visits. They were very detailed with my settlement. I didn’t have to second guess anything. I would recommend her to anybody who is in a car accident !! I’ve even referred my love ones who also needed her to represent them in an accident. She made my process as painless as possible. I wish I could give her 10 stars!!

Jeannette A., Client

I was referred to Amber by my daughter-in-law. I was involved in two rear end collisions in a three month period. She did an excellent job keeping me informed and explained everything to me, in a manner that I could understand. She followed through with me until I had my settlements.

Shirley H., Client

Amber Gilormo is a knowledgeable and hard working attorney. I would not hesitate to seek her counsel.

Kristen Pitts, Peer

The staff is awesome; thorough! They kept me informed!

Sanchez T., Client

Great Experience Wonderful Amazingly Service! I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s in need of attorneys 😎 They’re right ppl to go to for sure indeed!!

Client Review

I have had attorneys in the past that does not compare to Attorney Amber Gilormo. She handle all of my concerns and answered all of my questions in a timely manner, I never had to guess what was happening with my case I was always informed and kept to to date.

Client Review

Don’t answer the phone for attorneys who have bought your phone# after an accident — call Attorney Gilormo because you will not be disappointed.

Carla Robinson

No fees until we win


Atlanta Lyft Accident Attorney

Lyft is a popular ridesharing company, competing, like Uber, with traditional taxicab companies. Both Uber and Lyft are cellular apps that allow those in need of a ride to request a pickup and transportation to another location using the drivers’ personal vehicles. If you’ve been involved in a Lyft accident, your first call should be to an experienced Atlanta Lyft accident attorney at Gilormo Injury Law for help. We can guide you through the insurance and legal processes and help you recover all of the compensation you’re entitled to.

What Are the Differences Between Uber and Lyft?

Not many, but there are some minor differences, including:

  • Locations. Uber is more widely available, with a larger global presence, while Lyft is centered around major cities, mostly restricted to North America.
  • Culture. Uber promotes a more corporate and professional feel, while Lyft promotes a more casual atmosphere and feel.
  • App Design. Uber’s app has a more conservative design, while Lyft uses a brighter and friendlier app design.
  • Services. Uber offers simple pricing and service levels, while Lyft offers more service options and economical rides.

Most Common Causes of Lyft Driver Liability

After an accident insurance companies will launch their own independent investigations to help determine liability, but our team will look into the factors that caused your accident as well. As our Atlanta Lyft accident attorney team can attest, there are a number of bad choices and mistakes a Lyft driver can make that constitutes negligence. 

Some of these factors include violations of basic driving laws like, driving while distracted, running a red light, speeding or even driving while intoxicated. In ridesharing accidents specifically, other instances of negligence include transporting passengers beyond the capacity limits of the car (for example, squeezing seven people in a sedan that fits six), or falsifying information to qualify as a valid Lyft driver.

How You Can Help Your Lyft Accident Case

As your Atlanta Lyft accident attorney our team will do a great deal of investigating to ensure we have the necessary facts and evidence to support your injury claim. We will hire experts, request official paperwork and ensure you are getting proper medical treatment, but after an accident there are some things you can do to help your case.

  • Allow the police to investigate the car accident and get a copy or ask someone to get a copy of the accident report.
  • Take or ask someone to take video or pictures of the accident scene and the surrounding area.
  • Be sure that you or someone else is obtaining the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of everyone involved, as well as any witnesses.
  • Be sure that you or someone else is taking the insurance information from the Lyft driver, including the insurance company, policy number, phone number, and address. 
  • Report the crash directly to Lyft.
  • Take a screenshot on your phone of the app details that show the route, rate, location, etc.

After a rideshare accident, immediately contact an Atlanta Lyft accident attorney at Gilormo Injury Law for help.

Contact an Atlanta Lyft Accident Attorney at Gilormo Injury Law if You’ve Been Involved in a Lyft Accident

Lyft accidents are relatively new in legal circles, so if you’ve been injured or have suffered the loss of a loved one in a Lyft accident in Georgia, whether as a passenger or as the driver of another vehicle, an experienced Atlanta Lyft accident attorney at Gilormo Injury Law can help guide you through the new laws and recover all of the compensation you’re entitled to. We serve clients in all of Greater Atlanta, including Roswell, Canton, and CummingContact us at 770-874-7054 to schedule your free consultation.

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Amber is heaven sent!! Amber and her team worked very hard on my case!! They…

Jeannette A., Client

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