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16 Nov / 2021

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents are on the Rise

Personal Injury

Whether you are walking in a crosswalk or running on the side of the road, you never expect to get hit by a passing vehicle. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are far too common. When these accidents happen, careless drivers are almost always to blame, and victims will often be able to recover their losses with the help of an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer.

The Statistics are Unsettling

The latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that close to 6,000 pedestrians were killed and over 135,000 were sent to the emergency room due to injuries in 2017 alone. Sadly, those fatality stats equate to one pedestrian death every 88 minutes in the U.S., and when compared with the number of deaths of vehicle occupants involved in fatal crashes, pedestrians are 1 ½ times more likely to be killed.

The number of pedestrian fatalities have fluctuated throughout the country; however our law firm appreciates that even one death is one too many. Studies done by the Governors Highway Safety Association found that Georgia and four other states combined accounted for 47% of all pedestrian deaths in the U.S. in just the first half of 2019.

Who (or What Company) is Liable for Your Pedestrian Accident in Cumming, GA?

While careless drivers are almost always to blame for pedestrian accidents, different companies can be liable depending on the circumstances. Commercial vehicles are common on Georgia highways, and an accident involving a large truck or company van can have devastating consequences for you and your family. Unfortunately, the nature of the business for many commercial drivers leaves pedestrians and others vulnerable to the possibility of an accident that could occur due to the number of frequent starts and stops made, the constant pulling in and out of traffic and overall driver fatigue due to logging long hours on the road.

It is important to note that while recovering your losses might involve filing a claim with the driver’s auto insurance company, it could also include filing a claim against:

  • A package delivery company such as UPS, FedEx or Amazon
  • A food delivery company such as DoorDash, Grubhub or Postmates
  • A rideshare company such as Uber or Lyft
  • A garbage collection company or other utility company
  • Georgia’s Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
  • Any other type of business or governmental entity that has drivers on the road

Claims made against huge companies can be challenging, but not impossible. These entities often have deep pockets, which means the likelihood of obtaining the proper compensation needed to cover damages is much greater.

Speak with a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer about Your Legal Rights

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident in Cumming, Alpharetta or anywhere else in the Metro Atlanta area, speaking with a lawyer about your legal rights is in your best interests. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at Gilormo Injury Law, call 678-679-2333 or tell us how we can reach you online now.


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