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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Amber is heaven sent!! Amber and her team worked very hard on my case!! They checked on me while I had my weekly doctor visits. They were very detailed with my settlement. I didn’t have to second guess anything. I would recommend her to anybody who is in a car accident !! I’ve even referred my love ones who also needed her to represent them in an accident. She made my process as painless as possible. I wish I could give her 10 stars!!

Jeannette A., Client

I was referred to Amber by my daughter-in-law. I was involved in two rear end collisions in a three month period. She did an excellent job keeping me informed and explained everything to me, in a manner that I could understand. She followed through with me until I had my settlements.

Shirley H., Client

Amber Gilormo is a knowledgeable and hard working attorney. I would not hesitate to seek her counsel.

Kristen Pitts, Peer

The staff is awesome; thorough! They kept me informed!

Sanchez T., Client

Great Experience Wonderful Amazingly Service! I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s in need of attorneys 😎 They’re right ppl to go to for sure indeed!!

Client Review

I have had attorneys in the past that does not compare to Attorney Amber Gilormo. She handle all of my concerns and answered all of my questions in a timely manner, I never had to guess what was happening with my case I was always informed and kept to to date.

Client Review

Don’t answer the phone for attorneys who have bought your phone# after an accident — call Attorney Gilormo because you will not be disappointed.

Carla Robinson

No fees until we win



Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
Fighting for the Rights of the Injured

Pedestrian accidents often result in severe injuries and even death.

If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one as a pedestrian, you need someone on your side who can help you navigate the claim process so that you can focus on your recovery. A knowledgeable and skilled Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Gilormo Injury Law serves the Greater Atlanta area with offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta and Cumming

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Georgia

Pedestrian accidents are more common than people think and are often the result of ordinary driver error. Most pedestrian accidents are the result of the following causes:

Smartphones are a major hazard for pedestrians, as they not only create a mental distraction, but they also require drivers to take their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel.

Unique Scenarios in Pedestrian Accident Cases

Pedestrian accidents can happen under a wide range of circumstances. While cases involving a pedestrian who has the right of way in a crosswalk may be pretty straightforward (relatively speaking), many more types of cases can be much more complicated.

If you have been injured in any scenario as a pedestrian, you should speak with a lawyer about your legal rights. Even if you were doing something you weren’t supposed to (i.e., jaywalking), and even if you think you may be responsible for your own injuries, it is worth talking to an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer who can objectively assess your situation. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a free consultation, and if you have a claim, you will want to do everything you can to win the compensation you deserve.

Here are some examples of unique scenarios in which injured pedestrians may be entitled to full or partial financial compensation:

“Don’t Walk” Accidents

Many pedestrians choose to cross the road at intersections when the “Don’t Walk” sign is lit. While it can be dangerous to cross a street without the right of way, pedestrians who enter controlled intersections without the right of way can still pursue claims for just compensation in many cases. Were all of the lights at the intersection functioning properly? Was your (or the driver’s) view obstructed? Was the driver distracted, drunk or high? These are all important questions for assessing your legal rights.

Jaywalking Accidents

Jaywalking can be risky, but it isn’t necessarily dangerous since pedestrians can legally cross the street outside of a crosswalk in many circumstances. Many of the same factors that will determine a pedestrian’s rights in a “Don’t Walk” accident will also determine a pedestrian’s rights in a jaywalking accident.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

What if you slipped, tripped or fell into the path of an approaching vehicle? In this scenario, your legal rights also depend on several different factors. Why did you fall? Could (and should) the driver have avoided you? The answers to these questions—among others—will determine whether you have a claim for compensation.

Stepping Out in Front of an Approaching Car

In some situations, pedestrians will need to step into the road to determine if it is safe to cross. If you step out in front of an approaching car, this does not necessarily mean that you are responsible for your own injuries. For example, a property owner or government agency could be liable if your view of the road was obstructed, or the driver could be responsible if he or she had an opportunity to avoid hitting you.

Accidents Involving Children

Children are not as careful as adults, and we don’t expect them to be. Unfortunately, many drivers do not exercise the caution they should when in the vicinity of children. If your child was struck by a car, truck, van or SUV in your neighborhood, downtown or anywhere else, you should speak with a lawyer about your family’s legal rights.  

Working with an Pedestrian Accident Lawyer You May Be Entitled to Compensation

You may be able to pursue a claim for your monetary losses and other damages if you can prove that the driver was negligent. Most pedestrians are the fault of the other person, but an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can help you make your case. If you can prove the driver was negligent, you may be entitled to compensation for the following:

  • Your medical expenses, both covered and uncovered
  • Any lost wages or other income
  • Your pain and suffering

In order to prevail, you will need to carefully document your claim. You will need to keep copies of all bills and correspondence related to your accident. You will need to calculate any lost income due to missing work. The most challenging part is estimating the value of your pain and suffering, which is sometimes the biggest component of your claim. An experienced Atlanta, Cumming or Alpharetta pedestrian accident lawyer will be able to review your case and provide you with an estimate of what your claim may be worth.

Pedestrians Have Rights Under Georgia Law

Under Georgia law, pedestrians have the right to use our roadways. These rights are in place not only for the protection of pedestrians but also to clarify the responsibilities of motorists. Georgia law provides the following protections for pedestrians and bicyclists:

  • Pedestrians have the right of way in a crossway and drivers must remain stopped so long as they are on the same half of the roadway or within one lane of the driver’s side of the roadway.
  • While pedestrians must yield the right of way to drivers when crossing a road somewhere other than a crosswalk, they have the right of way once they enter the road.

An Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can help you understand how these laws apply to your case. In the event of an accident, evidence that the motorist broke the law can be helpful in proving your claim.

FAQs: Pursuing a Pedestrian Accident Claim in Georgia

What Can I Do If the Driver Fled the Scene After Hitting Me?

If the driver fled the accident scene after hitting you, you should call the police (if you haven’t already). You should also talk to a pedestrian accident attorney right away. The police can use their resources to attempt to identify the hit-and-run driver, and your attorney can hire an experienced private investigator to try to identify the driver as well.

What If the Driver’s Insurance Company Says I Am Responsible for My Injuries?

If the driver’s insurance company says you are responsible for your injuries, you should not accept this as the final word on your claim. The insurance company has its best interests in mind, not yours. A pedestrian accident attorney will assess your claim objectively and help you make informed decisions about protecting your legal rights.

What If the Driver Wasn’t At Fault in My Pedestrian Accident?

If the driver wasn’t at fault in your pedestrian accident, you could have a claim against another party. For example, you could have a claim against the government agency responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, crosswalk or traffic signals where your accident occurred. There are several other possibilities, and you will want to talk to an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer who can pursue any and all available claims on your behalf.

Do I Need to Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to Represent Me?

If you suffered severe injuries in your accident, it is strongly in your best interests to hire a pedestrian accident attorney. It costs nothing to find out if you have a claim; and, if you do have a claim, you will need an experienced lawyer to seek maximum compensation on your behalf. 

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Contact an Atlanta Pedestrian Accident Lawyer at Gilormo Injury Law

Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer Amber Gilormo knows how difficult it can be to recover from an accident. She helps people and their families get back on their feet. We serve clients in all of Greater Atlanta, including, Alpharetta, and Cumming.  If you’ve been injured and don’t know where to turn.

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Amber is heaven sent!! Amber and her team worked very hard on my case!! They…

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