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Single Vehicle Accidents

Single Vehicle Accidents

Amber is heaven sent!! Amber and her team worked very hard on my case!! They checked on me while I had my weekly doctor visits. They were very detailed with my settlement. I didn’t have to second guess anything. I would recommend her to anybody who is in a car accident !! I’ve even referred my love ones who also needed her to represent them in an accident. She made my process as painless as possible. I wish I could give her 10 stars!!

Jeannette A., Client

I was referred to Amber by my daughter-in-law. I was involved in two rear end collisions in a three month period. She did an excellent job keeping me informed and explained everything to me, in a manner that I could understand. She followed through with me until I had my settlements.

Shirley H., Client

Amber Gilormo is a knowledgeable and hard working attorney. I would not hesitate to seek her counsel.

Kristen Pitts, Peer

The staff is awesome; thorough! They kept me informed!

Sanchez T., Client

Great Experience Wonderful Amazingly Service! I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s in need of attorneys 😎 They’re right ppl to go to for sure indeed!!

Client Review

I have had attorneys in the past that does not compare to Attorney Amber Gilormo. She handle all of my concerns and answered all of my questions in a timely manner, I never had to guess what was happening with my case I was always informed and kept to to date.

Client Review

Don’t answer the phone for attorneys who have bought your phone# after an accident — call Attorney Gilormo because you will not be disappointed.

Carla Robinson

No fees until we win


Get the Help You Need from an Experienced Atlanta Single Vehicle Accident Lawyer

When you get injured in an accident involving another vehicle, recovering your losses usually involves filing a claim under the other driver’s auto insurance policy. But, what happens when your vehicle is the only one involved in the crash? In many cases, there will still be options for recovering your losses, and an Atlanta single vehicle accident lawyer will be able to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Recovering Your Losses After a Single Vehicle Accident in Atlanta

The options for recovering your losses after suffering serious injuries in a single vehicle accident depend on the factors involved in your crash. You may be limited to filing a claim under your own auto insurance policy (if you have coverage available), or you may be able to file a claim against someone else to recover your losses:

  • Medical Payments (Med Pay) Insurance – If you have Med Pay under your auto insurance policy, you can use this to help cover the expenses you incur due to the crash. Med Pay is “no-fault” coverage—so you can file a claim regardless of what happened—but policy limits are typically relatively low.
  • Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) and/or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UIM) Insurance – If you didn’t get hit, but another driver forced you off the road, you may be entitled to coverage under the driver’s BIL policy even though there was no collision. If the other driver fled the scene, or if the other driver’s insurance isn’t enough, you may also be able to file a claim under your UIM policy (if you have one).
  • Vehicle Defects and Faulty Repairs – If you crashed because of an issue with your vehicle, you could have a claim against its manufacturer based on a vehicle defect. Or, if the issue was the result of a faulty repair, the repair shop or dealership that worked on your vehicle could be liable.
  • Road Hazards and Defects – Did you crash because of an issue with the road? If so, then the government agency responsible for building or maintaining the road could be liable for your injuries. If this agency hired a contractor to work on the road, then you may have a claim against the contractor.

What if I Was Injured as a Passenger in a Single Vehicle Accident?

What if you were riding in someone else’s car, truck or SUV when he or she lost control and crashed? In addition to the options listed above, you may also be able to file a fault-based claim under the driver’s auto insurance policy. In this scenario, seeking to recover your losses is similar to seeking just compensation after being hit by another driver.

Talk to an Atlanta Single Vehicle Accident Lawyer for Free

Were you seriously injured in a single vehicle accident in Atlanta? If so, you owe it to yourself to learn about your legal rights. To speak with Atlanta single vehicle accident lawyer Amber Gilormo in confidence, call 770-874-2533 or request a free consultation online now. 

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Amber is heaven sent!! Amber and her team worked very hard on my case!! They…

Jeannette A., Client

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