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29 Jan / 2021

Businesses Should Maintain Safe Premises for a Safe Reopening

Slip and Fall

The COVID pandemic has closed many businesses due to local ordinances restricting gatherings, shopping, and engaging in certain close contact activities. While entire industries have suffered during this pandemic due to closures, we look forward to when all businesses will be open and running at full capacity again. 

Property and business owners have a duty to maintain safe premises for their customers and invited guests. Sometimes routine maintenance is put off for any number of reasons, including lack of time, lack of prioritizing, or a lack of funding. These reasons do not excuse a property owner from responsibility if someone becomes injured in an accident or a slip and fall incident while on the property.

While many businesses are still closed due to the pandemic, there are opportunities for them to ensure that their guests and customers return to safe premises when they are allowed to reopen. If someone is hurt while on someone else’s premises, an Atlanta slip and fall lawyer will analyze your case. Through diligent investigation and concern for slip and fall clients, Gilormo Injury Law helps clients recover from their injuries.

Our Atlanta Slip and Fall Lawyer Highlights Opportunities for Maintaining Safe Premises

Money for maintenance and repairs to a property may be tight when the business experiences a reduction in revenue due to mandatory closures due to the pandemic. Even when a business reopens, revenue may be down due to decreased industry revenues or reduced capacity limitations imposed by local ordinances. Still, lack of funding is no excuse for not properly maintaining a property and it will not allow owners to escape from liability for a guest’s injuries.

Property and business owners should not neglect their property during this time and they can be held responsible for injuries caused by unsafe premises. Having a closed business or reduced capacity for conducting business can give owners the opportunity to maintain the property and remedy any hazardous conditions. By taking advantage of the downtime, once the business reopens, the property will be ready to welcome guests at the first opportunity.

Some opportunities for maintaining safe premises to avoid a slip and fall include:

  • Ensure that there is appropriate lighting in pathways, hallways, and stairs to provide good visibility for customers.
  • Clear steps and walkways, making sure they are free from debris, cracks, and holes that could cause a person to trip.
  • Monitor buildings for leaks that could result in puddles or slick floors.

If owners take these recommended opportunities, the premises will be much safer for patrons once they are given the “all-clear” to return.

Speak to an Atlanta Slip and Fall Lawyer Right Away If You’ve Been Hurt

If you or a loved one have been injured due to an accident at a business or venue, you should contact an Atlanta slip and fall lawyer. Call Gilormo Injury Law at 770-343-7101 to discuss your case and preserve your right to recovery.  We have an office in Alpharetta and Cumming for your convenience. 

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