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19 Mar / 2021

Children’s Head Injuries: Pressing On Toward Recovery

Head Injuries

Head injuries can have lasting and severe effects and should not be taken lightly. Working with an Atlanta head injury attorney can help you solidify your claim when dealing with a head injury and pursuing medical, financial and legal recovery. Our firm seeks available remedies to help our clients persevere in the face of severe injuries, including head injuries. If your child has suffered a head injury, you should contact Gilormo Injury Law to discuss your head injury claim.

Head Injuries in Children 

Children are many things: they are precious, full of promise, and resilient. This resiliency comes in handy during childhood as children experience many injuries as they grow and learn about the world around them. While common injuries are often minor and allow for easy recovery, head injuries are more serious and can result in severe damage. In these more dire situations, an Atlanta child injury lawyer can help you fight for your child’s rights. It is often a trying and emotional experience to fight for your child’s legal recovery while caring for your child in the aftermath of a severe injury, including head injuries.

Common Causes of Children’s Head Injuries

Children by nature are prone to accidents. Some frequent causes of children’s head injuries include:

  • Falls – This is a leading cause of emergency injuries for young children. 
  • Sporting accidents – As children join sports programs, the risk of head injury becomes a growing concern from flying objects and sports contact. 
  • Vehicular accidentsCar accidents can result in head injuries in both children and adults.
  • Playground accidents – Children can experience injury from playground equipment, accidents while playing games, or flying objects striking them, which is a frequent cause of children’s head injuries.
  • Daycare and school negligence – Unfortunately, sometimes children will become injured due to the negligence of the adults left in charge of their care.

Regardless of the cause, what is important is helping your child recover and using all available resources to protect your child. This includes having an Atlanta head injury attorney handle legal claims and holding the responsible parties accountable.

Concerns About Head Injuries in Children

Head injuries have some common symptoms and side effects regardless of age, including lack of concentration and changes in mood, behavior, or sleep patterns. In more serious instances, seizures and traumatic brain injuries can result. However, head injuries in children come with additional concerns due to the more delicate physique of children as well as the growing and developing nature of children’s brains. Indeed, children up to age 4 are more at risk of a head injury resulting in a traumatic brain injury. Developmental disruption and delays can affect a child’s growth and require additional medical treatment to help your child recover from their head injury.

Consult With an Atlanta Head Injury Attorney Today

If your child has suffered an injury, especially a head injury, you should not delay contacting an Atlanta head injury attorney to discuss your claim. You can schedule your free consultation with Gilormo Injury Law online or by calling 770-874-7351.  We have an office in Alpharetta and Cumming for your convenience.

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