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22 Jan / 2021

Preparing for Spring Break 2021 Travel

Car Accidents

Staying Safe With Advice From an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Spring Break 2021 will look different than years past. We dream to return to our regular routines as we emerge from the COVID pandemic while still maintaining our safety. As spring break approaches, it is important to take extra precautions in response to COVID along with the standard precautions we take in regular travel. Should you or a loved one get hurt in a crash while traveling for spring break, a caring Atlanta car accident lawyer at Gilormo Injury Law can help you with your case.

Acknowledging Dangers on the Highway 

A great deal of spring break travel happens on highways across the country, allowing people to travel to different cities and attractions to enjoy their time off even during the pandemic. Whether your own spring break plans take you far away from home or provide an opportunity to enjoy what your hometown has to offer, it is important to be aware of dangers on the highway as you travel. Some common dangers to highway travel include careless and distracted drivers causing truck accidents and multi-vehicle accidents. In addition to these everyday dangers on the highway, using rideshare services involves an additional risk of spreading COVID due to the close proximity of drivers and passengers who are not ordinarily in contact. 

Rideshare COVID Risks – Get Help From an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Using a rideshare service, especially on spring break, is often a practical solution to traveling around the area. There are benefits to using rideshare, such as being picked up and then dropped off directly at your destination and sharing the cost with others. However, the COVID pandemic brings new risks, especially when it comes to being in close proximity to others. While rideshare pools provide cost savings opportunities, the risk of being that close for an extended time with someone you don’t know is a great risk to your health and well-being. An Atlanta Lyft accident attorney can answer your questions about your rideshare experience and help you analyze your claim and develop your case for recovery. 

Your Atlanta Uber Accident Attorney Wants You to Take COVID Precautions

While traveling to your spring break destination, you may end up using rideshare services. During the COVID pandemic, the popular rideshare companies Uber and Lyft have put additional measures in place to protect drivers and passengers from the spread of the virus. 

At Gilormo Injury Law, we care dearly for our clients. Your Atlanta Uber accident attorney wants you to stay safe during your spring break travel, especially as we are still facing the pandemic. When traveling, be cautious of being in close proximity to others and wear a face covering. Not only are these requirements in certain cities or counties, but they are also requirements put in place by rideshare companies. Washing your hands often and sanitizing surfaces is also a good practice to help stop the spread of COVID and other diseases.

Contact an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Today for Assistance With Your Case

If you experienced an injury while traveling for spring break, especially in a car accident, you should contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer. With plenty of experience in rideshare accidents as well, an Atlanta Uber accident attorney knows how to protect your rights in these particular kinds of cases. Let us handle your claim. Call Gilormo Injury Law at 770-343-7101 to discuss your case today.  We have an office in Alpharetta and Cumming for your convenience. 

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