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31 Mar / 2021

Why You Need an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident


Our daily lives are full of risk, yet we do not let this hold us back from engaging with the world around us. Sometimes we can avoid having unfavorable outcomes from incidents, but this is not always the case. If you end up injured, whether through any type of accident or by someone else’s actions, working with an Atlanta personal injury attorney can make a difference in how you approach your claim and how you proceed on the road to your recovery. 

Suffering an injury comes with additional difficulties and stress. If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury, Gilormo Injury Law is ready and available to listen to you and help you with your personal injury claim.

An Injury Can Happen Any Time, Anywhere

Daily living involves accident risk and injuries can happen anywhere and at any time. You could:

  • Fall at a store 
  • Have an accident at a park or entertainment venue
  • Be attacked by a dog or another animal, even knew you know
  • Be involved in a vehicle accident

Any of these could happen as you go about your regular, everyday activities. Working with an Atlanta personal injury attorney can help you establish the foundation for your claim and pursue your recovery.

Personal Injury Claims Can Involve Complicated Issues

It is important to work with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer because what seems like a straightforward accident injury can quickly become complicated. The facts of a scenario become complicated as parties try to shift blame to avoid paying damages. An attorney will uncover the facts of the incident causing the personal injury and present this to the insurance companies, adverse parties, courts, and other fact-finders to hear our clients’ stories and our clients can pursue their recovery.

Other issues involved in personal injury cases include determining:

  • Who is responsible for the injury, whether the injury is caused by accident or if another party’s deliberate or careless action
  • What money is owed to the victim to pay for the immediate damage caused by the injury 
  • If other financial payments or services will help the victim further recover from their personal injury.

These are just a few factors to consider when handling a personal injury case. We will help you evaluate each of these factors in your claim and build your case for you.

There Are Many Types of Personal Injuries 

Another reason to seek the help of an Atlanta personal injury lawyer is that there are many types of personal injuries. We handle many kinds of personal injury cases, including:

Speak to an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you have experienced a personal injury, you should not hesitate to contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to discuss your claim. You can schedule your free consultation with Gilormo Injury Law online or by calling 770-874-7351.  We have an office in Alpharetta and Cumming for your convenience.

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