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29 Dec / 2020

Winter/Spring School Sports Season and the Injuries That Can Occur

Child Injuries

Each year, schools field sports teams. The camaraderie of the team, the excitement of a game or match, and the thrill of performing in front of other students, parents, and fans each season can be intoxicating. However, that excitement can be dampened by injuries that occur all too often during sporting events. If your child suffers an injury during their winter or spring sports, an Atlanta child injury lawyer from Gilormo Injury Law can discuss your legal options with you.

Typical Sports Injuries That Student Athletes Experience

Each year, there are approximately 2.6 million children injured while participating in sports. There are many common injuries that student athletes experience during their school athletic career. Each sport comes with its own risks due to the nature of the game. Below are some common sports injuries to watch out for:

  • Head trauma: Students experience head trauma in many athletic scenarios. Contact from high-intensity sports such as football or wrestling can cause head injuries, and a hit to the head in sports such as soccer, baseball, or basketball can result in trauma as well. Also, falls from events like gymnastics or cheerleading can cause head injuries. Head injuries in student athletes can also be a result of a concussion from the impact. If so, working with an Atlanta head injury attorney can help secure your claim to further protect your child in the future.
  • Soft tissue injuries: Muscles, ligaments, and tendons can be overstretched and torn from sporting injuries. Rest from sports and caution using that part of the body are often recommended, but at times, surgery will be required to reattach torn ligaments or tendons. 
  • Broken bones: High-impact sports have a risk of breaking bones at impact. In addition to suffering broken noses, arms, and legs from collisions in a sport, tripping over oneself and taking a violent fall can also result in broken bones.

Other Precautions for Student Athletes

In addition to the dangers on the field, there are other safety concerns to consider when your child is participating in a sport. For example, many games and matches have at least one team traveling, which increases the risk of automobile accidents and resulting injuries. Another hazard is unsafe conditions at the actual venue itself, such as unsafe seating areas or slick floors, or not having proper security if a fight breaks out amongst athletes or spectators. Schools may try to deflect blame or hide negligence when a student is injured, but with an Atlanta child injury lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that your child’s claims resulting from their injuries will be handled with the utmost professionalism and dedication to achieve a positive outcome for your child’s specific case.

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