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16 Jul / 2021

Amber’s Edit: How Johnson and Johnson’s Talcum Powder Has Caused Cancer in Many Women

Amber's Edit

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has been the subject of litigation over a variety of its consumer products, but nothing has been as significant as the talcum baby powder litigation. To date, more than 20,000 lawsuits have been filed nationwide (with many consolidated in one court in St. Louis, Missouri).

After being hit with multiple plaintiffs’ verdicts exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars (and in some cases billions of dollars), the talcum powder litigation looks to be headed towards the settlement stage.

However, no verdict or settlement can undo the damage Johnson & Johnson has done to women who used its baby powder for decades, myself included. After all, the “family company” has always portrayed its baby powder as safe for use as part of women’s daily hygiene routine.

Failing to Warn Consumers of Known Risks and Dangers

Unfortunately, many consumers are not aware that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder is the subject of multiple verdicts finding the baby powder to be defective and dangerous. Despite the sizeable verdicts, most news outlets did not report the verdicts either on television or in print (with few exceptions).

Johnson & Johnson is an advertiser for many media giants, which may explain why coverage regarding baby powder lawsuits is limited or non-existent, preventing consumers from knowing the truth. I feel betrayed, as do millions of customers – both women and men. Not only is talcum powder linked to ovarian cancer but also mesothelioma, resulting from asbestos contamination.

Having a cancer-causing substance as the main ingredient in a heavily used product is bad enough. A cancer-causing substance that is contaminated with another cancer-causing substance is beyond the pale.

Johnson & Johnson knew that talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer yet failed to warn women about the risks of using its product in the vaginal area. So too did Johnson & Johnson know that its talcum powder products may be contaminated with asbestos, posing a second cancer risk to unwitting and innocent consumers.

Moreover, mounting evidence suggests that Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder is linked to testicular cancer, demonstrating that talcum powder harms men just as much as it does women. However, women were (and many still are) the prime consumers of talcum powder for vaginal hygienic needs.

Alternatives to Using Talcum Powder – Safer Options for Your Family

We have reached the point where talcum powder is no longer a safe option to use as a daily hygiene product or to use on babies for diaper rash. I feel it is important to share with you the following alternatives to baby powder that are safer and work just as well:

Johnson & Johnson has released its own new alternative to talcum baby powder, which is primarily comprised of cornstarch. However, given the company’s track record, I would not feel comfortable trusting that any Johnson & Johnson product is safe, at least not without extensive testing.

Make Sure You’re Fighting for Yourself, Your Family

Johnson & Johnson has harmed far too many consumers – especially women. While filing a lawsuit or seeking to settle a claim does not make cancer go away, seeking compensation is the only remedy available in our justice system to help injured victims. I dedicate my career to helping clients who suffered injuries through no fault of their own.

I am a woman too. Hear me when I say that you deserve a full and impartial evaluation of your potential legal claims.  We have an office in Alpharetta and Cumming for your convenience.

Stay safe out there, 

Amber Gilormo, Esq.

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