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16 Aug / 2021

Amber’s Edit: The Link Between Zantac and Cancer

Amber's Edit

Zantac is a well-known medication that millions of patients have used to treat heartburn, a common condition shared by many people. As a personal injury lawyer, I am troubled by the extent to which Zantac and other common medications (which have turned into dangerous drugs) are causing patients to develop cancer. Because of the significant number of patients who developed cancer after taking Zantac, the drug has been recalled and pulled from the shelves.

My clients are also troubled, and many feel guilty when they allow their children to take what they believe (and what most consumers believe) is a safe drug to treat a common condition. Through litigation, we are learning that Sanofi, the manufacturer of Zantac, knew of the link between N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a cancer-causing agent found in Zantac, and long-term use of Zantac.

When Your Child Takes Zantac – Dealing with Parental Guilt

As parents, we make decisions we believe are best for our children. I personally have dealt with the guilt associated with allowing my child to take what we now know is a dangerous medication. 

While not every patient who took Zantac for long-term use will develop cancer, the fear, stress, and anxiety of knowing that cancer is now a known risk associated with taking Zantac can be difficult to deal with. When choosing what medications to give our children, we rely on information provided by pediatricians, who trust manufacturers to provide accurate information about the associated risks.

In a perfect world, pediatricians would warn about potential cancer risks associated with taking certain drugs. However, pediatricians are at the mercy of drug companies when it comes to the risks and side effects. Drug companies have a duty to ensure medical providers and patients/consumers know about dangerous risks and side effects associated with a particular drug.

If drug companies conceal information from doctors, doctors do not have the ability to warn parents that their children may be at risk of developing cancer after taking Zantac. Feeling guilty for trusting your child’s pediatrician is normal.

Your child cannot act on his or her own behalf, and all you can do as a parent is your best. The guilt may not go away, but going forward, you can take extra precautions by undergoing research before allowing your child to take medication that may be dangerous.

You’re Not Alone – Help is Here

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer after taking Zantac, you are not alone. As an Atlanta personal injury lawyer, I have witnessed the devastating nature of dangerous drugs and permanent injuries. I strive to ensure I am helping my clients and their loved ones have the best chance possible of obtaining compensation for their injuries.

I am a woman too. Hear me when I say that you deserve a full and impartial evaluation of your potential legal claims.  We have an office in Alpharetta and Cumming for your convenience.

Stay safe out there, 

Amber Gilormo, Esq.

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