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Category: Car Accidents

15 Jan / 2021

What Happens If My Car Accident Was Caught On Tape?

Today, there are cameras everywhere. There is barely a moment of our lives that is not caught on tape, whether it is surveillance at stores, public safety cameras, private security systems, or even the cameras that are around us at all times with our smartphones. We often go throughout our […]

13 Jan / 2021

Whose Fault is It? Determining Fault In Georgia

Whenever there is an accident, people are quick to look for who is at fault. It is part of human nature to seek an explanation and even assign blame. Understanding how fault is determined in Georgia will help you better understand your case as you proceed with your accident and […]

24 Dec / 2020

Staying Safe During Holiday Travel

The holidays are a busy time for some people. Even in the new world of 2020, some people continue to travel to see friends and family, gather for events and holiday parties, and take time off to participate in various leisure activities. During the holidays, it is important to stay […]

08 Dec / 2020

Overcoming Loss After a Car Accident

Car accidents happen all too often, causing injury, property damage, and sometimes even death. When such tragedy strikes, finding support as you heal and recover is important. This support can be found in many ways.  After a crash, you may find yourself dealing with your recovery from physical injuries, emotional […]

03 Dec / 2020

Safe Driving Tips for Teen Drivers in Atlanta

Becoming a driver is an exciting time for anyone, but especially teens who feel a new sense of accomplishment and freedom as they begin driving on their own. It is also an exciting time for the whole family as transportation duties can start to be shared among adults and newer […]

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