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15 Dec / 2020

Pandemic Baby? What You Need to Know About Birth Injuries

Birth Injuries

The global pandemic has changed our entire world. While conditions for travel, work, and daily life have changed drastically, life marches forward. One way in which life continues is the birth of babies, even in the midst of this pandemic. If you are expecting a pandemic-era baby, be prepared to protect your family with assistance from an Atlanta birth injury attorney. At Gilormo Injury Law, you will work with a determined, dedicated team who will fight for you and your child’s recovery.

Common Birth Injuries

Each birth experience is special and unique. Unfortunately, this uniqueness can make it difficult to pinpoint the root of birth injuries when something goes wrong during labor and/or delivery. Some common risk factors for birth injuries include premature labor, larger-sized babies, the mother’s health, and the position and movement of the baby during labor. Even with natural risk factors, the medical team may be legally liable for your child’s birth injury. Working with an Atlanta birth injury attorney who is dedicated to caring for clients will help your family address the issues related to birth injuries and provide additional recovery for the baby.

Some common birth injuries are:

  • Fractures – Some children experience bone fractures during a traumatic birth.
  • Brain damage – Some babies are deprived of oxygen during birth, resulting in brain damage. 
  • Nerve damage and paralysis – As an infant is born, they may experience a compression of certain nerves that ultimately damages those nerves and may even result in paralysis.

Preparing for a Pandemic Birth Experience

As mothers begin to prepare for the birth of their child during or soon after a pandemic, there are other concerns to address. In addition to all the regular preparations women go through while waiting for their baby to arrive, special considerations for the pandemic need to be taken into account since we still do not entirely know the impact of Covid-19 on new babies and delivering mothers. Some medical centers are limiting visitors to avoid the spread of disease, as well as limiting partners in the delivery room. Communicating your plans and wishes to your family as well as your medical team will help them understand your point of view. Your medical team should also communicate pandemic protocols regarding labor and delivery to you and your support system to lessen unexpected surprises when it comes time to deliver. Of course, there is a continual change in pandemic safety measures, so there should be some expectation of plans changing as that exciting day arrives.

Work With an Atlanta Birth Injury Attorney at Our Firm

If your child suffered a birth injury, time is of the essence. Contact an Atlanta birth injury attorney today to further protect your child’s future and begin the legal and financial recovery process. You can complete the online form or call 770-343-7101 to discuss your case with a lawyer at Gilormo Injury Law.  We have an office in Alpharetta and Cumming for your convenience. 

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