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22 Dec / 2020

Return to School or Stay Home? Navigating the Pandemic

Child Injuries

Parents face the difficult choice of whether to send their child back to in-person instruction at school or keep their child at home during the remainder of the pandemic. The constant changes that schools are facing as the pandemic endures only complicates matters. Your child’s health and safety are of the utmost importance, and we understand that at Gilormo Injury Law. As you consider your options and the best choice for your family, know that you have an Atlanta child injury lawyer in your corner should you need it.

Following a School’s Decision

Many schools opted to begin the school year in a virtual format. They did so out of an abundance of caution as well as care for school staff, teachers, and students. As the spread of COVID-19 slowed, many schools encouraged a return to the in-person classroom. Many children thrived from the socialization and in-person interaction with instructors, but as the spike in coronavirus cases increased, the question of what course of action to follow next is at the forefront of educators’ and parents’ minds.

As time has gone on during the pandemic and advancements in treating or even preventing additional cases of coronavirus have advanced, the school board may start making plans to return schools to complete in-person instruction rather than virtual. The return to school will also come with additional health and safety protocols and procedures. Parents should consider carefully what is best for their family, taking the precautions they feel necessary and with which they feel comfortable.

Vaccines for COVID-19

Schools require vaccinations for a number of diseases. There are limited exceptions that permit a child to attend school without completing the required schedule of vaccines before entering the building. Now with the approval of a COVID-19 vaccine giving hope to many, debate sparks regarding the vaccine’s availability and prioritization of who will receive it first. 

Even if the vaccine becomes available to school children soon, there are still side effects to be concerned about due to the limited observation time for the trials. Long-term side effects will not be largely known until the observation period expands. This may concern parents who want the vaccine tested more thoroughly before agreeing to have it administered to their children. 

Educating Children At Home

There are many options for educating your child at home. Some families sign up for virtual school, where lessons are provided and can be submitted for remote educators to review and grade. Other families engage in traditional homeschooling or other educational cohorts to share teaching responsibilities and experiences while limiting pandemic exposure through the careful planning of activities. As parents take children out for educational field trips or outings, there still needs to be precautions taken to keep children safe at these sites. If your child happens to be injured during one of these outings, discussing the injury with an Atlanta child injury lawyer can help you start the recovery process for your child.

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