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14 May / 2021

Summer Fun at Playgrounds and Parks

Child Injuries

Summer brings longer days of sunshine and pulls us to the outdoors. Finding fun parks and playgrounds to visit with children is a great way to explore all Georgia has to offer while creating childhood memories. There is much to see and do around the state, with new parks and playgrounds opening to expand fun for children and families.

Unfortunately, there is a risk of injury involved in activities. Whether a child’s injury results from simple accidents on the playground or while participating in special activities offered to fill the long summer days, working with an Atlanta child injury lawyer can help protect your child’s rights to recover. 

Working with an injured child is a responsibility we take seriously. The legal team at Gilormo Injury Law treats each client with care and understanding, knowing each situation is unique. We take this responsibility seriously, especially when it comes to protecting our community’s children. 

Safety Recalls Affect Playground Fun 

Regulators, safety agencies, and consumer groups constantly keep an eye out for potential dangers in the products we use frequently. This is especially important when products with increased risk for danger and injury could affect children. There have been various product recalls involving children’s items, particularly with safety equipment such as helmets, small toys that can pose choking hazards, or even recreational items. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently recalled a playground swing set that could put children at risk on playgrounds, parks, daycares, and homes. While we cannot eliminate all risk of injury, being aware of hazards and ensuring that playgrounds and equipment are as safe as possible and toys and equipment meet safety standards is a good first step in preventing children’s playground injuries.

Who is Responsible for a Child’s Injury: Why You Need Atlanta Child Injury Lawyer

Like many kinds of accidents that result in child injuries, there are many potential parties who could be responsible for the injury and resulting damages. Working with an experienced Atlanta child injury lawyer can help you protect your child’s interests and hold the responsible parties accountable. 

In addition to complex questions about negligence, insurance, and damages, an Atlanta child injury lawyer can help you sort through various facts and scenarios that may affect your child’s injury case. Several questions regarding responsibility and accountability are:

  • Who was responsible for safety at the time of the accident?
    • Did the park or playground have staff running activities?
  • Did the injury occur in a government park responsible for maintaining safe conditions?
    • Does maintenance responsibility fall directly upon the government or are maintenance responsibilities assigned to subcontractors?
  • Did the injury occur on private property?
    • Is the property owned by a business or an individual?
  • Was there playground equipment or attractions involved in the accident?
    • Who is responsible for safely maintaining the equipment?
    • Are there any manufacturing or installation defects affecting the safety of the equipment or attraction?
    • Is staff required for safe participation in the activity, such as ropes courses or zip lines at parks?

Consult with an Atlanta Child Injury Lawyer

When your child is injured in a playground accident, consulting with an Atlanta child injury lawyer will help you protect their rights and obtain recovery from their injury. Contact Gilormo Injury Law for a free consultation to discuss your child’s playground injury.

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