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30 Sep / 2021

The Serious Nature of Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are not like regular vehicle accidents.  There are many issues to consider in a truck accident that may not be present in a typical vehicle accident, including commercial trucking and third-party liability issues. In addition, the size of commercial trucks poses a more significant threat to those in average-sized vehicles. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has studied and published data on the increased risk of injury and death due to truck accidents over the last several decades. Clearly, trucks pose an additional risk of loss when involved in an accident. If you find yourself or a loved one the victim of a truck accident, you should consult with an Atlanta truck accident attorney. There are many variables at issue in these types of accidents, and the injury and damage results are likely to be relatively high and may even include death. However, you do not need to face this alone. Gilormo Injury Law handles truck accident cases and fights for our clients’ rights against any who stand in the way of their recovery.

Handling Serious Damages in Truck Accident Cases

As mentioned, the severity of injury and potential for fatal outcomes is increased when a vehicular accident involves a large truck. Amber and her team have extensive experience dealing with damages and recovery of all types of loss related to truck accidents. Not only will their experience guide you through your own claim, but their compassion will surround you every step of the way through your recovery.

Additional Consequences of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are frustrating even to those who are not directly involved in the accident. We all remember past truck accidents and other incidents in the Atlanta area, such as the Atlanta Braves tomahawk spill, and while it may seem like something out of a television comedy, there are consequences to these incidents. This incident caused traffic delays and inconvenienced many. More recently, a lumber spill on the I-75 caused traffic delays in the area. These delays seem minor, but resulting accidents due to these distractions can lead to injury and loss as well. 

Transportation companies and other third parties need to ensure appropriate safety measures are in place for their truck drivers and other drivers on the road. They do not want to be liable for trucking accidents and the resulting consequences and damages. These third parties will fight to avoid liability and place blame on someone else, even the victim. Do not let them do this to you! You should not have to sort out truck accident liability issues alone. If you are the victim of a truck accident, reach out to an Atlanta truck accident attorney to discuss the details of your case and pursue the recovery you deserve.

Contact an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one have suffered from a truck accident, you should contact an Atlanta truck accident attorney at Gilormo Injury Law. Contact us by calling 770-670-5935 or completing our online form.  We have an office in Alpharetta and Cumming for your convenience. 

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