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17 Dec / 2020

Using and Choosing Childcare Services During the Pandemic

Child Injuries

The pandemic has changed a lot of the plans that families had for work, school, and childcare. Many companies have their employees continuing to work remotely for the foreseeable future to limit the risk of disease spreading. Other businesses are starting to phase their employees’ return to an office setting. Of course, essential personnel have been working in their usual environment throughout the pandemic. 

All of this means parents need to decide the best way to care for their children while maintaining their jobs. Regardless of the work scenario parents face, in the pandemic, special factors related to selecting and using childcare services must be considered. For instance, what safety precautions are in place to protect your child from everyday harm as well as the pandemic? If your child experiences an injury — or worse, abuse — due to daycare negligence, contact an Atlanta daycare negligence attorney at Gilormo Injury Law. The team at Gilormo treats each child injury case with understanding and sincere care to make the situation right and to provide and protect your child’s interests. 

Criteria for Daycare in a Pandemic

Parents want what is best for their children and that includes selecting a daycare. During the pandemic, the safety protocols become even more important since COVID-19 can spread so rapidly and without much warning, putting children and families at additional risk. You will want to know what steps the daycare is taking to limit exposure to the virus and other diseases that may be brought into the center. If you find discrepancies in the alleged protocols and what is actually occurring, working with an Atlanta daycare negligence law firm can help you keep your child safe.

Watching for Negligence – Our Atlanta Daycare Negligence Attorney Can Help

Our Atlanta daycare negligence attorneys care about your family. Knowing where to look for the key safety features of a daycare program can help parents make the best decision for their family. Some common factors include the condition of the facility; the staff-to-child ratio, which can vary depending on the age of the child; the hiring practices and conducting of background check on employees; the health and safety procedures used to reduce the spread of illness and disease; and their playground safety measures. 

Dealing with Child Injuries From Daycare Facilities

Even when you select a wonderful daycare program, accidents still happen from time to time with children. Naturally, parents will monitor their child once an injury occurs, but severe injuries may require extensive medical care. If your child is injured at a daycare, an Atlanta child injury attorney can help with your personal injury claim, as well as spell out the particular details of the incident that will help your child’s claim. 

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If your child has suffered an injury or been neglected at their daycare, contact an Atlanta daycare negligence attorney at Gilormo Injury Law. You can complete the online form or call 770-343-7101 to discuss your daycare negligence or child injury case.  We have an office in Alpharetta and Cumming for your convenience. 

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