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29 Oct / 2021

Alpharetta Car Accident Lawyer Shares Modern Car Safety Features

Car Accidents

Technology today is constantly changing, improving, and advancing by leaps and bounds. As our general technology improves, we find ways to integrate these improvements into everyday aspects of our lives. As safety features are added to our cars, people may feel an increased sense of security while driving. However, drivers must still stay aware while behind the wheel and practice safe driving practices. 

The rapid pace of improving technology and safety features may make it seem like cars are practically driving themselves. This false sense of security is dangerous. Accidents still occur, and if you are involved in a crash, an Alpharetta car accident lawyer can help you with your claims and case while you are on the road to recovery. Gilormo Injury Law understands that car accidents have severe and complex consequences and our team will work with you to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

There have been significant advancements in automobile safety over time and particularly in recent years. At one time, seatbelts were not standard and only came as a lap belt, but now we have secure seatbelts that will restrain the upper body in a car accident. Airbag systems have become more comprehensive in recent years as well. In addition, advanced technology has been added to our vehicles that alert drivers to potential hazards on the road.

Some advanced driver assistance systems include:

  • Driver lane assist
  • Parking assist and self-parking features 
  • Back up cameras
  • Full view/360 cameras
  • Blindspot detection 
  • Collision warning

While advanced driver assistance systems correlate with reduced injury rates in car accidents, these systems cannot eliminate all risks.

Continued Responsibility as a Driver

Just because you are driving a vehicle with advanced safety features or advanced driver assist systems does not mean a driver can go on “auto-pilot.” Drivers are responsible for being safe on the road. A safety feature will not provide additional safety if the feature is not used. That said, drivers need to use the safety features offered in their vehicles. In some instances, this involves turning on certain features that may have an opt-out option. Additionally, drivers need to pay attention to active safety features. For example, if a driver ignores the warning lights of the blindspot detector or ignores the sound and visual notifications of a backup camera, he or she is not allowing the safety features to serve its purpose. When additional safety aides are available, it is beneficial to use these features even though they are not a fail-safe in avoiding accidents and injuries. Your Alpharetta car accident lawyer can help you understand the type of car accident case you have based on your situation and will apply the correct Georgia accident laws to work toward a favorable outcome.

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If you or a loved one are involved in a car accident, regardless of the car safety features available or used, you should contact an Alpharetta car accident lawyer to discuss your legal options. Schedule your free consultation with Gilormo Injury Law by calling 770-343-7101 or completing the online contact form.  We also have an office in Cumming for your convenience.  

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