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20 Jan / 2021

Tips for Keeping Children’s Playdates Safe During the Pandemic

Children have had a difficult time coping with COVID restrictions over the last several months of the pandemic. Social distancing protocols have changed how we interact with one another. This adjustment has been particularly challenging for children as the recommendations and restrictions have changed throughout the pandemic. One way to […]

15 Jan / 2021

What Happens If My Car Accident Was Caught On Tape?

Today, there are cameras everywhere. There is barely a moment of our lives that is not caught on tape, whether it is surveillance at stores, public safety cameras, private security systems, or even the cameras that are around us at all times with our smartphones. We often go throughout our […]

13 Jan / 2021

Whose Fault is It? Determining Fault In Georgia

Whenever there is an accident, people are quick to look for who is at fault. It is part of human nature to seek an explanation and even assign blame. Understanding how fault is determined in Georgia will help you better understand your case as you proceed with your accident and […]

08 Jan / 2021

Is Your “Free Consultation” Really Free?

When you are looking for an attorney to handle your case, one of the concerns potential clients have is the cost to them of hiring an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. At Gilormo Injury Law, we do not collect an attorney fee unless there is a favorable outcome for our client. […]

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