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15 Dec / 2020

Pandemic Baby? What You Need to Know About Birth Injuries

The global pandemic has changed our entire world. While conditions for travel, work, and daily life have changed drastically, life marches forward. One way in which life continues is the birth of babies, even in the midst of this pandemic. If you are expecting a pandemic-era baby, be prepared to […]

08 Dec / 2020

Overcoming Loss After a Car Accident

Car accidents happen all too often, causing injury, property damage, and sometimes even death. When such tragedy strikes, finding support as you heal and recover is important. This support can be found in many ways.  After a crash, you may find yourself dealing with your recovery from physical injuries, emotional […]

03 Dec / 2020

Safe Driving Tips for Teen Drivers in Atlanta

Becoming a driver is an exciting time for anyone, but especially teens who feel a new sense of accomplishment and freedom as they begin driving on their own. It is also an exciting time for the whole family as transportation duties can start to be shared among adults and newer […]

01 Dec / 2020

Trucking Accidents on Highways During the Holiday Season

The holidays bring even more drivers and vehicles on highways. Traffic this year has increased due to more holiday events being mobile-related in 2020 (i.e., drive-thru light shows), a higher volume of supplies and gifts being sent for the holidays, and more people choosing to drive to see family. Unfortunately, […]

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