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31 Dec / 2020

Why Burns & Head Injuries are Among the Most Serious Injuries

Injuries affect people every day. Fortunately, many injuries are relatively mild in nature and only need minor medical treatments. In our fast-paced world, we become accustomed to brushing off these minor inconveniences or simply suffering through dull pain and carrying on. However, when faced with a severe injury such as […]

24 Dec / 2020

Staying Safe During Holiday Travel

The holidays are a busy time for some people. Even in the new world of 2020, some people continue to travel to see friends and family, gather for events and holiday parties, and take time off to participate in various leisure activities. During the holidays, it is important to stay […]

22 Dec / 2020

Return to School or Stay Home? Navigating the Pandemic

Parents face the difficult choice of whether to send their child back to in-person instruction at school or keep their child at home during the remainder of the pandemic. The constant changes that schools are facing as the pandemic endures only complicates matters. Your child’s health and safety are of […]

17 Dec / 2020

Using and Choosing Childcare Services During the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed a lot of the plans that families had for work, school, and childcare. Many companies have their employees continuing to work remotely for the foreseeable future to limit the risk of disease spreading. Other businesses are starting to phase their employees’ return to an office setting. […]

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